Off Grid Inverter

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The inverter is a critical component in a solar power system, it controls the electricity flow between the solar panels, energy storage battery, grid and appliances, like convert variable DC voltage output from the PV modules into specific current for use by the appliances and for feeding back into the grid. Also, a solar inverter can disconnect the circuit for protecting it from power surges, charge the PV power storage battery, log the data on usage and performance and with MPPT device to keep the system generation efficiency.

*Pure sine wave output

*High frequency/High efficiency/Low open circuit losses

*MPPT integrated

*Intelligent LCD

*LED+LCD display, easy operation

*Support working without batteries or no connection to the grid.

*Supports up to 9 parallel (5KW model only)

*SupportsRS-232/USB/APP (WIFI optional)

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