1535nm 16km Laser Rangefinder Module

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Laser rangefinder is a kind of precision distance sensing instrument, by laser receiving optical system laser emission optical system laser transmitter laser receiver power and controller and shell (as shown in figure 1), installed on the ground or vehicle platform, and coaxial with the vehicle view system, driven by the platform system, search and tracking target platform system search to the target, on the target Lock, and output the flag signal that has been searched to the target, and then start the distance data through the output interface, to the upper computer

The main features of the laser rangefinder are: detection distance, long volume, small weight and light response time fast detection and high accuracy can detect multiple targets, and the output target distance data can be fused into the battlefield communication network.

Application scenario

JIOPTICS laser ranging modules are widely used in military or civil scenes (unmanned aerial vehicles, photoelectric pods,thermal imaging equipment, etc.).In the most challenging environment,high performance and high reliability play an important role.A solid solution empowering your product to exceed its limits.

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