CNC Machining Copper Prototype

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Copper has excellent cutting performance, high strength, easy welding and corrosion resistance. During the CNC machining process, the structure is very stable, difficult to be affected by force. And it is usually used in connection parts, vault, stem bearing and so on. Beside copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity, so CNC machining copper prototype is often used in the cover of radiator and the parts of bellows, wave-guide, door, and lamps. And the durability makes the copper become the first choice for most jigs and fixtures.

Copper prototype requires high quality and precision, and CNC machining is the most suitable technology. Bordersun CNC machining copper prototype has no limitation to minimum quantity. With over 20 CNC machines of milling, turning lathe, drilling, and carving, as well as over 20 kinds of plastic and metal materials at engineering grade for various parts processing, we are excellent in processing metal parts.

To strictly control the whole process of CNC machining copper prototype, Bordersun customize plan and specification for each project, and make examination and test before next process. A project engineering will be assigned to follow each project to ensure the copper prototype you receive is exactly what you want in dimension, assembling, color and surface treatment.

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