Slurry Pump for Mining

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Depump® MAH slurry pump is widely used in metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, dredging,  de-watering, water treatment, coal washing, mill, cyclone feed, tailing, power, building material. etc.various industrial sites.Exspecially for Mud,Mortar with big particle soild.

Slurry pumps are heavy duty, rugged centrifugal pumps designed to handle harsh and abrasive jobs. In mining and ore processing operations, mud pumps are an important means of efficiently transporting mud at any distance. Slurry pumps are modified in design and construction to accommodate many types of slurries that vary in solids concentration, solid particle size, solid particle shape and solution composition.

A super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy slurry pump

Production capacity: flow ≤ 2333m3/h

Product material: high chromium 27%, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strong impact resistance, it is a horizontal slurry pump that can be used in multiple stages in series

● The slurry pump is divided into cantilever and horizontal type. Its main working parts are the impeller and the casing. The impeller device in the casing is located on the shaft and connected with the prime mover to form a whole.

● The inner lining can be replaced with wear-resistant metal lining and wear-resistant rubber lining according to requirements;

● Shaft seal can adopt packing seal or centrifugal seal

● The position of the outlet of the pump can be installed at 45° intervals and rotated at eight different angles as required.

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