Why are mouth-digging paper bags far less popular than paper bags with handles?

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There are many kinds of paper bags, among them, according to the shape of the handle, they are divided into paper bags with rope handles and paper bags with digging mouths. Paper bags with handles, as the name suggests, are paper bags with handles. The handle part of the digging paper bag is not equipped with a hand rope, but is replaced by a paper bag that allows fingers to pass through by "digging holes". After investigation, it is found that among the customers who customize paper bags, there are far more friends who customize paper bags with handles than those who dig paper bags.

First, the mouth-digging paper bag has a single shape and lacks aesthetic feeling. Hand carrying paper bags with ropes can achieve different marketing effects through different design forms. Because of the hand-carrying paper bag with a handle, there are many choices of materials for the handle alone. There are also ways to fix it on the bag, such as perforation and knotting, wearing an airplane buckle rope, and glue sticking. The length of the handle can also be changed. , as well as details such as buttons and air holes. Different processing methods can produce hand-held paper bags with completely different feelings. In this regard, there are relatively few places where paper bags can be creative.

Second, in terms of bearing gravity, customized hand-held paper bags with lifting ropes are more durable, while hand-held paper bags with digging mouths are completely supported by paper, which will cause tension to disperse, and if the items are too heavy, they will easily crack.

Third, there are not many materials suitable for digging. Not all paper bags are suitable for digging. At present, kraft paper bags are the most suitable for digging. Other papers, such as coated paper, are not suitable for selection due to their soft paper quality. This in turn limits the customization of the mouth-digging hand-held paper bag in terms of material.

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