What should I do if the high-speed door encounters water seepage?

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During the installation and construction of high-speed doors, if you do not pay attention to details, it will often leave hidden dangers for future use, such as water seepage. Water leakage usually occurs at the joints of the walls around the door frame of the high-speed door, especially the lower corner of the door, followed by the splicing of the combination door. So what to do if the high-speed door encounters water seepage?

What should I do if the high-speed door encounters water seepage? Don't worry, the solution has the following points, let's look down together.

1. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of high-speed door profiles and wall materials, under the influence of temperature, the connection between the frame and the wall is prone to capillary cracks. In order to prevent water seepage through cracks, high-speed doors and door frames should be elastically connected to the wall. During the construction process, the floating ash, mortar particles and other sundries in the joint groove should be removed first, and then the inside and outside of the frame should be connected with the wall. The sealant is sealed, the glue should be continuous, not missed, and the bond should be firm.

2. The exposed connecting screws should also be sealed with sealant to prevent water seepage.

3. The installation height of the high-speed door should be selected according to the size of the door opening, and the appropriate profile should be selected.

4. When installing high-speed doors and door frames, the connectors should be connected to the wall so that the connection is reliable. The connecting parts should be made of thin steel plates with a thickness of not less than 1.5 mm, and should be treated with anti-corrosion. Expansion bolts and pins are usually used for the connection and buried in the wall.

5. After installing the high-speed door and door frame, you can press the door frame for inspection. If it is found to be shaken or deformed, it should be strengthened.

In order to avoid the problem of water seepage of high-speed doors, everyone should choose high-speed door manufacturers with guaranteed product quality and experienced installation technical team when purchasing, so that the safety of use can be guaranteed.

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